Moving to Denmark

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Moving to Denmark

Indlægaf maripsv » 17.03.2017 20:48:45

Hi, everyone

I have been in a relationship with a Danish guy for almost three years now. I am Brazilian and therefore a non-EU citizen. I don't need a VISA to visit Europe, I can stay there under the Schengen Treaty for 90 days every 180 days. However, me and my boyfriend would like to move in together and we have decided that Denmark (Europe in general) would be best for both of us. He has visited me several times in Brazil and I have visited him twice in DK, we have plenty of evidence that our relationship is real and long lasting.
However, I can't just move to Denmark without a residence permit that would allow me to work. We have thought of getting married, but although he is 24, I am still 21.
Therefore, I have some questions:

1) What could be the best way for me to be able to move to Denmark and work legally? I don't need to have a residence permit, a work VISA should be fine for me.
2) Is there any kind of waiver for the 24 year old rule?

Help me!

Thanks a lot

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Re: Moving to Denmark

Indlægaf skaanebo » 17.03.2017 21:36:28

Consider using EU laws instead of national Danish laws. Ask your boyfriend to read the section on top of this page called Rådgivning.

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