Urgent advice needed on my family unification case in Sweden

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Urgent advice needed on my family unification case in Sweden

Indlæg af muhammad » 17.03.2017 18:20:57

I'm a Palestinian married to a danish lady and she's both working and studying in Sweden.

Last year, in February 2016, we've applied for a residence permit through the migration agency when I was still in Palestine. The case has been assigned to a migration officer in Boden, and 5 months later I was invited for an interview at the Swedish Consulate in Jerusalem, but I couldn't make it there, because of the Israeli control over the city and the 10-years-old blockade over my city "Gaza."

Anyways, I've arrived to Sweden 3 months ago on a visa (after a lot of drama and struggle in bureaucracy), and we applied for a residence permit through the EU laws at the Migration Agency in Malmo at the forth of January. We were told that it might take up to TWO YEARS to make a decision on the new application, but we were also told that since my wife is Danish, we could have both of the applications going at the same time and that we should re-activate the first application since it's a year-old and is likely to be processed sooner.

Here was the first problem: Could I conduct the interview of first application in Sweden (the one via the Swedish laws)? I called the migration agency today and the lady said that it's possible but I will be queued for at least 10 months until I'm invited for the interview and then it will take too long to make a decision (Unless if i contact our case officer at the migration agency in Boden and see what he decides about the interview).

The second question is: From my application for residence card via the EU laws, I'm entitled to stay in Sweden but: Am I allowed to work or study before the decision is made?

The third question is: I've applied for studies at Lund and Malmo university. So if I get accepted: Would I be allowed to study before having my residence card? and would I be exempted from the tuition fees?

The fourth question is: The 80th birthday of my wife's grandmother is in May, and it will be celebrated in Denmark. Is there anyway to obtain any document to travel to Denmark and come back to Sweden without a problem? Should I apply for a visa at the Danish Consulate for example or what? The danish authorities told us that the Swedish migration could stamp my passport to show that I'm entitled to stay in Sweden so that I could travel to Denmark and back to Sweden without falling in troubles.

The fifth question is: Could I apply for a personal number at the tax office before receiving a decision on any of the two applications?

And finally, Is there anyway at all to expedite my one-year-old application? Should I use a lawyer? What could I do?

It's really beyond devastating for me and my wife to be in that nerve-breaking situation and I'm sure most of you have experienced the frustration of this bureaucracy.
So, I would appreciate it enormously if I get any advice or guidance on this and what to do.

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Re: Urgent advice needed on my family unification case in Sweden

Indlæg af skaanebo » 17.03.2017 18:44:17

Yes, you can be interviewed in Sweden.

Yes, if you have applied for a residence card under EU laws, you are entitled to work or study in Sweden. All you need to do is register at the tax office for a Swedish personal number. You need to bring the same documentation as the one you handed in with your EU application at the Migration Board.

If you have obtained a personal number in Sweden, you can study for free.

No, you cannot travel to any other country before you have obtained your residence card or residence permit.

As far as I know you can't rush the applications. Mind you, the EU application should be made within 6 months according to EU regulations.