Renewal of Temporary Residence

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Renewal of Temporary Residence

Indlæg af nysønderjyde » 22.01.2017 15:33:09

Hi there! I'm about to renew my temporary residence permit after the first 2 years, and have a couple of questions.

My passport expires in March of 2020, meaning that my residence permit can only be extended until December of 2019. Correct?

My economic guarantee lasts until February of 2020, which would seem to be fine, if I don't mind only having my residence permit extended until December of 2019, shouldn't be a problem, right?

The only thing is that it says on NyiDanmark that you have to renew your economic guarantee or get a new one when you renew your residence permit. Is this really true or is just badly written? Its seems weird that I should have to renew my economic guarantee even when it lasts for another 3 years.

Any help would be much appreciated... på forhånd tak!

Kim P. Nyberg
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Re: Renewal of Temporary Residence

Indlæg af Kim P. Nyberg » 16.02.2017 13:43:50

A permit will expire 3 months before the passport expire.

The bank guarantee only has to be renewed, if it runs out of date before the next permit expires.