Family reunification to unify a family

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Family reunification to unify a family

Indlæg af Ronnie6 » 18.01.2017 19:24:58

Dear AUG

I am seeking help concerning re-unification of my family and my case is as mentioned below.

We are following members of the family:

Dad - Permanent resident residing and working in denmark
Sister1 : Permanent resident residing and studying in Denmark
Brother: Permanent resident residing and studying in Denmark
Me : Danish citizen working in denmark

Mom : Living in Nepal but has been to denmark just once on tourist visa. She is divorced to my dad but they have good relationship. She's really willing to come to Denmark.
Sister 2 : Working in Nepal but willing to relocate to denmark for futher studies.

None of my siblings are under the age of 18, brother and sister turned 18 after coming to Denmark.

My question:

Do I have the possibility to bring my mom and sister on basis of family reunification visa?
If yes, how can I proceed with it?

I have read several stuff on but to no avail, as most info. is concerning reunification with wife/children. But here is a serious case of family willing to unite. I would really appreciate if someone can share some info and help me to apply for them familyreunification visa.

Best regards

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Re: Family reunification to unify a family

Indlæg af evc » 29.01.2017 12:22:28

You can't. Family reunification is for either married couples and/or offsprings until the age of 18.

Both your sister and your mom stand in the same boat. I would say the easiest way is through studies.

Things to consider: remember that the authorities can be really suspicious regarding study visas. I have seen some people here getting denied because Udlændingestyrelsen had the impression they wanted a study visa to stay in Denmark, and not to study. So, even though they had been accepted in an university, they had their visa denied. Remember that one thing is really important to them: coherence. It may be difficult to get a visa if your sister is graduated in field Y and wants to pursue a diploma in area X. Specially because she has family here.

Udlændingestyrelsen is not a requirement-based-deterministic-machine, they will not use the benefit of the doubt.

I am no specialist, I speak from things I have read and experienced. Someone else in this forum might be able to give more accurate counseling than me. - Free bolig portal in Denmark. Announce, search and contact landlords for free.