residence card in sweden under EU rules

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residence card in sweden under EU rules

Indlæg af babysofie » 16.01.2017 02:53:00

Hello again, so I am a non EU and non danish holding a spouse visit visa for denmark together with my daughter, born in my country but according to danish law is automatically a danish citizen. I am married to a danish man for almost 2 years now. We are on listing for an apartment through the kommune but the visa we have (me and daughter ) is expiring next month and there is still no available apartment for us up to now. I was just wondering since we have been travelling back and forth here and my country and we really want to stay foot now, supposedly here in denmark but it seems impossible to apply for reunification without the apartment yet. Is it possible for us to apply residence card under EU law in sweden? Malmo preferably as my husband works in Copenhagen. If so, then how so? What do we need to do first? I am allowed and my daughter to travel to Sweden with our visit visa (btw it says multiple entry). My husband don't want us to go travel home again since our baby is in 6 months now and he is kinda missing a lot already with regards to our baby's milestone. So if we couldn't have an apartment yet would it be a good idea we apply residence in sweden? Please do enlighten us. Btw we try to rent temporary place until the kommune finds us a place but in the rules it states that atleast 1 and half year of lease or permanent lease which is not a good idea if the kommune will have available apartment for us afterwards. So please give us light in this situation. Thank you for your time.


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Re: residence card in sweden under EU rules

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Yes, you can go to Sweden as long as your Schengen visa is valid. And your husband can commute to work in Copenhagen. Do bear in mind, though, that housing in Malmø is about as difficult to find as in Copenhagen. You might have to look outside Malmø city centre. Your husband should read the guidelines provided under "Rådgivning" at the top of this web site.