24 year rule waiver and genuineship of the marriage

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24 year rule waiver and genuineship of the marriage

Indlæg af Kalinda94 » 27.12.2016 08:37:30

Hi all,

I read about your forum looking through the web on the 24 year old rule. I am gay from a non-EU country with a Danish boyfriend. We previously met in France while I was visiting relatives. This January I am going to visit him in Denmark for the first time and we started thinking about marriage.

1) I finish the age of 23 this February, and become 23.5 on August. I saw that if the spouse in Denmark's occupation is on the Positive List this rule can be waived, but that it is decided case by case. My boyfriend is self employed Danish national with a Phd (he has not received any benefits and earns well, all registered). I am wondering if his education level could help us to get a waiver on the rule since it also states that it is decided case by case. This is kind of important because I am applying for Masters programmes in DK and if I wait until August to marry and appy for family reunification I am gonna have to pay large sums of tuition fee's.

2) I am 23 and my boyfriend is 42 (which is not very uncommon among gay people btw) and we have only met twice in real life (3rd in January) but spent many times together. Do these factors affect my chances of family reunification real bad or should I take my chances? Like I stated up, I can make other visits until August or even get a student visa and live with him for a couple of months before marriage to guarantee my application, but we'd like to marry as soon as possible for me to be admitted to university tuition free (and without international quota maybe).

Thank you for your help!

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Re: 24 year rule waiver and genuineship of the marriage

Indlæg af skaanebo » 27.12.2016 10:57:33

You must be at least 23 1/2 years old when you apply, and the application will not be granted until you are 24. So don't rush anything. You have plenty of time to plan your future together in Denmark. It might be that you have to postpone your education for 6 or 12 months.