Photo project about family reunification

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Photo project about family reunification

Indlæg af Yaroslava » 06.12.2016 13:04:28

Hi all! My name is Yaroslava, I am young photographer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I am participant of international master class Next to me ( for Nordic photographers. I will be in Copenhagen in the end of March and beginning of April – about 2 weeks.

I want to make a good photo story about Copenhagen or its surroundings. The topic which I explore is devoted to separated couples. I know that the immigration policy of Denmark isn’t that easy and more and more couples where one person is Danish citizen and other isn’t have to live separately for some time.

So I am searching for couple which has these problems –already separated or about to be separated to make project about. If you are ready to spend some time with me for taking pictures during week, please contact. I will send you all good pictures for free after master class.

Here are my website

Thanks for attention!