Registration of Cuban marriage certificate in DK

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Registration of Cuban marriage certificate in DK

Indlægaf joaska » 01.12.2016 11:16:37

Hi, I am writing regarding application process in Statsforvaltningen of registering my Cuban husband in DK based on Accompanying Family OD1 application. I am a EU/ Polish citizen with a Permanent Permit in DK. My husband is Cuban and currently residing in Poland with his 3 years EU/Polish permit. We got our marriage approved by Polish consul in Havana and then approved by Polish authorities in order to get him required permits in Poland. Now I would like my husband to join me in Denmark and be able to work here. Unfortunately, during application process we came to obstacle that it remains unsolved for us, and left us very lonely. One of Statsforvaltning requirements is true copy of certified marriage certificate form Cuba with Apostille/certification form representation of Danish authority in Cuba and then approved by Foreign Ministry in Denmark. Unfortunately there is no Danish consular service in Cuba. Due to this situation we can not certified our certificate by Danish authority in Cuba and Foreign Ministry can not approve it either. Cuban Consul in Copenhagen wrote a separate letter confirming that our certificate is legal, but he is not in tile to certified already certified Document by Cuban Foreign Ministery. Statsforvaltningen doesn't want to accept approved certificate from Poland provided in English version, neither separate letter form Consul. Its more than 4 month that I am investigating this case, and it still remains unsolved as I can not submit the application to Statsforvaltningen due to the luck of certification. I would be very grateful for your help and any suggestions how to proceed in this case. Best Regards Joanna

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