permanent residence in Denmark

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permanent residence in Denmark

Indlæg af john7890 » 19.11.2016 02:50:14

Hi Everyone . Im having difficulty getting a reliable grip on my situation . I have been studying in Denmark for around 4 and a half years and im eu citizen . also at the same time as studying ive been working and also self employed the whole time . after studying i joined a a kasse and thought it would be easy to get permanent residency . the akasse told me i should shut my company down if i did not intend for it to be my main income . to cut a long story short , i fulfilled all of my previous residency requirements of being a worker and also self employed while studying ......for the last 4 years and 7 months . after studying I am now not anything it seems ........ i am not a worker , self employed , my residency basis does not exist anymore , i am receiving dagpenge , i am not a permanent resident . my way of understanding all this is that i am actually staying here illegally and can be expelled from the country . I stay here with my danish gf and we have a daughter . any help much appreciated with this . thanks :P

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Re: permanent residence in Denmark

Indlæg af skaanebo » 19.11.2016 08:57:21

As an EU citizen you are entitled to live in Denmark. So you worry for no reason whatsoever.

Dagpenge is under an insurance scheme. It's not looked upon as social support. It's simply income from an insurance.