Permanent residency / Citizenship in Sweden.

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Re: Permanent residency / Citizenship in Sweden.

Indlægaf Klipper_K » 02.12.2016 01:10:16


Dear Mh,

I have two questions regarding application for citizenship in Sweden and time.

1.Period of habitual residence. How do they count the 5 years?

My wife was folkbokförd dec 1st, 2011 and she handed in her application for both Upphållskort & Uppehållstilstand dec 25th 2011. She got her Upphehållstilstandskort within days but she didn't get her Uppehållstilstand before jan 2014, and her PUT Jan 2016.

Is she entitled to apply 5 years after she was a)folkbokförd b) when she handed in her application for residence permit (that led to permanent) or c) when she got her PUT?

2. I wanted to know, if there are any rules if you can hand in your application earlier than the actual 5 years has passed. For example 1 month before? People is telling that is the case. But do you know of any law text that could support that? No info about this on Migrationsverkets homepage.

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