Moving out in Denmark, Living in SWEDEN

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Moving out in Denmark, Living in SWEDEN

Indlægaf Jesper&Anna » 21.10.2013 09:00:10

Hello Guys,

This site has been very useful to us (Me non Eu & my danish Husband).

My husband and I had been fighting so much to be reunited again, And here are some of the tips we gathered moving out in Denmark and settling in Sweden.

1. Find a apartment in sweden.
2. Go to skatteverket with your passport, and the contract from house or apartment. There is website When you go to skatteversket, don't forget when you feel out the application to write your wife, she joins you later.
3. Register in sweden, to get a swedish CPR number.
4. When you received swedish cpr num, Go to migrationsverket, there is website
5. you have two choice for familly reunification:
a. under swedish law because you are danish and nordic agreement( the waiting time for answer is estimate 1 years .
B.) Under EU rules because you are also from EU member state
6. For application you will need:
your apartment contract,
your familjebevis ( from skatteverket),
your wife's passport copies pages,
your wife's health insurance you can get one here
your student contract ( if you will be student in sweden)
your salary and work contract( if you will have a job in denmark or sweden or norway)
or your bank account ( if you have sufficient money to live and to support your wife).
married certificate

You may also provide any kind of evidence suppose to prove your relationship ( train flight bus ticket. restaurant bill, picture, email, message from phone, skype recording message and other) evidence they will not ask i advice you do that.
7. ME (the wife) I apply online for spouse visa here in my origin country, then the moment the swedish immigration receive my application they will contact my husband to ask questions. Then wait for the result. The processing will take 8 months or more.

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