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af Raulsanchez
14.06.2015 23:59:39
Emne: Permanent residence
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Permanent residence

Dear ÆUG

Do you know any possible changes to the permanent residency rules if the a new government takes power? What would they change, and would these changes apply for someone who has been a resident under family reunification rules for the past three years?

Thank you for your attention
af Raulsanchez
20.04.2014 22:21:47
Emne: Residence in Sweden after living in Denmark
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Residence in Sweden after living in Denmark

Dear ÆUG, My spouse and I have read about the Swedish rules and I would like to ask you if this could be a plausible way of action: I am a non-EU married to a Dane. I got a 2 year temporary residence here in Denmark when we moved in after marrying in 2012 and we are about to renew it now in July. We...